Rental Hard Money Loans

Grow your real estate holdings portfolio and build long term cash flow and wealth with our rental loan program.

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Rental Property Mortgage

Real estate investors looking to purchase income-producing rental properties can scale and grow their portfolio quickly with our flexible rental program. Our entire process is completed in-house including underwriting, process, and funding. We can offer you fast, easy, and reliable funding for a purchase only, refinancing an existing property you own, or performing a cash-out refinance from the equity built in the home.
Rental Hard Money Loan


Rental Program Details

Interest Rate:

Rates Starting at 6.875%


Rent-ready and Leased Qualify

Max Loan to Value:

Up to 80% LTV

Property Type:

Loan Amount from $75,000-$2,000,000

Credit Score (FICO):

Minimum FICO of 680

DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio):

Minimum DSCR of 1.0

Loan Term:

30-year Fixed Rate

Property Type:

Single Family, 2-4 Unit Multifamily, and Condo/Townhomes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Rental Loan?
a. It is a loan for real estate investors that want to invest in rental properties. The property types include single family homes, 2-4 unit multifamily, townhomes, vacation rentals, and warrantable condos. Our long term rental financing can be structured as 30 year amortizing, ARM, or interest-only options.
2. What type of investment strategy can be utilized with this product?
a. Our term rental loan program can be used to refinance out of a hard money loan into a lower rate and longer term after the renovations are complete and it is rented out to tenants. It is a very popular investment strategy called BRRRR (Buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat) where investors will repeat this process as a way to accumulate multiple units quickly with very little money invested long term by pulling the initial money invested and using those dollars to acquire more properties. Some investors who do not plan on renovating the property and would like a loan to just purchase can acquire the property with this light documentation option that is based off of the DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)
3. How and when would you use a Rental Loan?
a. Each and every investment is unique. Real estate investors that are looking to own real estate long term or even short term depending on how the loan is structured with the prepayment penalty can benefit from our rental loan with the very competitive rates and terms. Many investors want to get a loan mostly based off of the ability of the income produced by the tenants renting covering the monthly expenses that include the PITI (Principle, interest, taxes, and insurance) payment. The loan is a “light-doc” loan with no income verification is based off of the rental income covering the expenses. The minimum DSCR is usually at 1.0-1.2 where the rental income will have to cover all of the PITI payment and in most cases have a little extra after expenses have been paid being cash-flow positive.
4. What is the “BRRRR” strategy?
a. This investment strategy is very popular among investors. By using a short term hard money loan the investor has the ability to purchase a property very quickly usually within weeks or even days without many of the traditional mortgage requirements. The property is underwritten and evaluated based of the ARV (After repair value). Many times, a property can benefit from upgrades and by making improvements to the property and units the value of the property can appreciate and grow in value very quickly. Based on the hard money loan, the LTV usually is around the “65% rule” which allows for the investor to refinance at an LTV around 75-80% once the property is rented out. That higher LTV can in some cases help the investor refinance the money borrowed in the hard money loan and potentially the down payment, closing costs, and some soft costs incurred during the hard money loan. The power of this strategy is where the property and its expenses are covered by the rental income generated from the units and in a good deal being able to recoup all of the initial investment to use for another property acquisition allows to build a substantial portfolio and wealth quickly is executed well.