About Us

Alpha Funding is a private lending company based in the Northeast that provides capital for real estate investment projects for rehabbers, developers, and investors alike.

Alpha was started with one of the founders of Alpha, Mark Callazzo, lending to another investor who was in need of capital for a short-term fix and flip project. At a time when finding private capital for real estate investment projects was not as accessible as it is in the current market today an opportunity was born.

David Hansel, co-founder of Alpha Funding, had been working as a broker and investor and joined Mark on some development projects and came onboard helping raise capital from high net-worth individuals and working directly with investors. With a focus on customer service, providing flexibility and reliable capital for investors, and their background in real estate Alpha Funding began to gain lots of momentum in the marketplace.

Michael Strasser, CEO, was one of the first hires and longest tenured members of Alpha Funding who helped build out key systems and processes growing loan volume to new record highs. As the team began to grow and build, so did the front end of the company related to sales and marketing. Alpha soon became not just a local private lender in New Jersey but began lending in multiple states in the northeast including North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Recently Alpha’s lending footprint has extended nationwide to California, Chicago, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Stay tuned for what is next as the story continues to be written.

Alpha Funding is led by CEO, Michael Strasser. One of the main hats Michael wears on a day-to-day basis is being the Chief Problem Solver. He leads the origination side and works with capital partners to make sure Alpha is a leading capital partner for all real estate investors.

Matthew Weber, CRO, helps lead the troops on the sales and marketing end of growth for new and existing relationships. Making sure Alpha always is innovating and staying in front of trends keeps the platform and company proactive in the private lending space.

David Hansel, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, continues to lead Alpha with his emphasis on customer service, outside the box critical thinking, and guidance helps provide the key leadership as a founder of the company.

Mark Callazzo, Managing Partner, is a key piece in the leadership team and backend of originations, portfolio management, and capital markets. Maintaining key principles of being easy to work with and providing the best customer service to our investors, borrowers, and vendors helps keep Alpha as a leading capital partner for real estate investors.


Alpha Funding strives to provide our clients with top notch, seemless, and exceptional service since 2007.


Providing our unmatched customer service to our borrowers and referral partners provides comfort when dealing with time-sensitive and difficult situations



With our experience and track record of reliability.


We respect all of our investors, borrowers, and referral partners, treating them as equals and value them as a vital part of our success.


Holding our team and selves to the highest standard of ethics and conduct to provide the highest level of professionalism in the industry.


Our resources and guidance along with key experience in real estate development and investing to help add value to you and growing your business.


We strive to provide the best nationwide private lending platform for real estate investors in the private lending space.