6 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Real Estate Investors

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6 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Real Estate Investors

Flipping homes can be a lucrative business, but you’ve got to manage your money carefully in order to maximize your profits. The kitchen is often the place where many home remodels turn into money pits. Kitchen remodels can some times require extensive renovations, in turn costing you lots of money. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in a kitchen that won’t cost you a ton of money but will make a huge difference to a potential buyer.
Here are 6 easy kitchen remodeling tips.
1. Be mindful of wasted spaces. Homeowners love to have lots of options for storage, and potential buyers will definitely be looking for storage options in the kitchen. If there are wasted spaces in the kitchen of a home you’re flipping, try to figure out ways to turn these wasted spaces into storage options. Installing some basic shelving units or hanging racks are a great way to do this.
2. Keep walkways wide. Cooking meals and doing kitchen clean up equates to lots of activity in the kitchen. For family gatherings, oftentimes several family members will end up in the kitchen at a time. Keeping kitchen walkways open and wide will be eye catching to potential buyers. Walkways through a kitchen should generally be at least 36″ wide and 42″ wide in the cooking zone.
3. Microwave placement. Having a built in microwave is a must for any modern day kitchen. Having the microwave installed in a convenient place (usually above the stove) is key. Its also important to have the microwave installed at the proper height, usually about 15″ above the stove top or counter top.
4. Proper counter top space. Make sure that there is adequate counter top space throughout the kitchen, but particularly next to appliances. Its important to have counter top space on either side of the sink, either side of the oven/stop top, and on at least one side of the refrigerator.
5 Outlet plugs. Having convenient outlet plugs throughout the home is important, but its especially key in the kitchen. Homeowners tend to use a lot of appliances in the kitchen that require electricity. Have multiple outlet plugs installed on the back splash behind the counter tops.
6. Paint. A fresh coat of paint on all the cabinet doors, baseboards, molding, and walls can go a long way. Its an inexpensive way to really give the kitchen a face lift. If the kitchen is small, light colors can go a long way in opening up the space.
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