6 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Real Estate Investors

6 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Real Estate Investors Flipping homes can be a lucrative business, but you’ve got to manage your money carefully in order to maximize your profits. The kitchen is often the place where many home remodels turn into money pits. Kitchen remodels can some times require extensive renovations, in turn costing […]

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips for House Flipping

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Top 5 Must Do Home Improvements for House Flippers

Tips For Flipping Homes

The world of real estate can provide either a passive or aggressive path to income. If you’re simply investing in turnkey rental properties, you may be on a more passive route in the real estate world. However, if you’re flipping properties for a living, you’re on a more aggressive path. Flipping homes requires repairs and […]

Alpha Funds New Deals

Alpha Funds New Deals Loan Summaries: Bloomfield, NJ $140,000 Funding provided for 80% Acquisition and 100% construction on this rehab project. Belleville, NJ $159,000 Acquisition and construction for this fix & flip project. Philadelphia, PA $717,000 Acquisition and construction funding for 2 new townhouses.

2014 Year End Numbers

January 2, 2015 PRESS RELEASE Alpha Funding Solutions 2014 Year End Numbers: $54,439,095 Lakehurst, NJ- Alpha Funding Solutions has reached a new milestone in 2014 funding 165 loans in the amount of $54,439,095. We want to thank our borrowers and investors for a great year with us and look forward to continuing business, growth, and […]