Rental Loan

The only constant in today’s economy is change. Business is continually evolving thanks to the development of new technologies, sociocultural advancement and countless other factors that influence the exchange of goods and services. Virtually every industry is seemingly going through some sort of reinvention—to include real estate. The exponential growth of the sharing economy offers […]

Q3 Real Estate Predictions: What to Expect

Q3 Real Estate Predictions: What to Expect

The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a lingering cause of uncertainty in the real estate industry; however, large-scale vaccination efforts, a drop in reported COVID-19 contractions and eased social distancing protocols are beginning to prompt investors to become more active. Financial support from federal and state governmental entities have averted a massive wave of anticipated […]

Top California Cities for a Rental Loan

Top California Cities for a Rental Loan

It’s no secret that California has some of the most highly valued and profitable real estate in the entire country. If you are an investor concentrating on rental properties, the state’s seemingly ever-expanding and truly diverse rental economy are attractive features when looking for locations to acquire assets. Regardless of what you are in the […]

Top Connecticut Real Estate Markets for Hard Money Loans

Connecticut Real Estate

If you are a real estate investor looking for an emergent market with a promising return on investment (ROI) potential, then look no further than Connecticut. Here is an overview of the top five markets across the state to help you focus your efforts when looking for your next real estate investment project. Bridgeport Bridgeport […]

Best Cities for a New Construction Loan

New Construction Loan

Due to the fact that the national real estate industry was able to weather the coronavirus pandemic surprisingly well, there are countless investors that are starting to formulate their portfolio diversification plans for 2021. Deciding where to invest your hard-earned money can be a daunting task. That’s why we did the hard work for you […]

New Construction Timelines: How to Get Your Draw Requests Faster

New Construction Loans

The majority of new construction projects are funded in whole or in part via a third-party lender—such as Alpha Funding Partners if the borrower did their research and knows we have a proven track record of providing efficient and flexible financing options for new home builds of all sizes. Understanding the draw process and knowing […]

California Real Estate Investing: A City to Keep on Your “Watch” List

As California’s population continues to track upwards, its diverse portfolio of real estate markets possesses some of the nation’s most promising return on investment options for individuals in the fix and flip sector. A well-researched and strategic investment in California real estate can net you a quick and healthy profit. If fast, efficient access to […]

Real Estate Market Q2 2021 Predictions

Real Estate Market Q2 2021 Predictions

Home prices skyrocketed in 2020, as scores of long-time city dwellers sought to relocate from cramped urban environments to the suburbs offering far more space for parents to telework and for kids to play outdoors. The good news is that 2021 is shaping up to be another dynamic year for the housing market—with Q2 looking […]

Best Texas Cities for Real Estate Investing

As the old saying goes: “Everything is bigger in Texas.” It’s safe to say that Texans take pride in taking things to the extreme—and being the second largest state with regard to both population and geographic area certainly is extreme from a real estate investment perspective. With an aggregate land area in the region of […]

Fix and Flip Lending: Hot Markets for March in 2021

Don’t be alarmed aspiring real estate investors–the coronavirus hasn’t dampened the fix and flip market. While it may require some additional planning and forethought in order to net a healthy profit margin as compared to the pre-pandemic industry, real estate entrepreneurs are still earning hefty sums around the country and you could be too!   […]