Top Fix and Flip Investment Opportunities in Illinois

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Illinois presents an extremely diverse real estate marketplace including agricultural, metropolitan, and suburban areas that are supported by an equally diverse economy spanning a variety of industries including financial, technological and production. Add to that an assortment of world-renowned amenities and attractions such as the breathtaking Chicago skyline, the Lincoln Presidential Library, and the famous Wrigley Field, and you have the ideal setting for promising real estate investment options.

More than thirty Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the state, including leading names like Boeing, Walgreens, State Farm and McDonald’s. While there are a number of promising markets in virtually every corner of Illinois, some of the most potentially lucrative opportunities are located in key markets such as Chicago, Rockford, Aurora and Joliet. Now is the perfect time for real estate investors to take advantage of the positive market trends with a flexible and efficient loan specifically tailored to their needs from Alpha Funding Partners. We have the requisite private lending industry experience and knowledgeable staff with a track record of proven results to assist you in tapping into the best markets Illinois has to offer. If you are looking to invest in the Illinois real estate market, a hard money loan is a great option. Here is an overview of some of the best options to focus your investment search.


The average home price in Naperville is considerably more than the statewide average at $397,600. The median home value has increased by 1.7% since last year and is projected to grow even more throughout the remainder of 2021. Presently, the Naperville market is optimal for sellers—but nearly 23.2% of the currently listed properties have been reduced in price, meaning that investors may be able to snag a great deal on a profitable asset. The winning combo of slashed prices and active market makes Naperville the ideal location to expand your portfolio.


No Illinois real estate market analysis would be complete without incorporating its largest market of Chicago. This in-demand location boasts an enviable assortment of cultural, historical and artistic attractions that draws both homebuyers and renters to the Windy City in droves. There is a plethora of investment opportunities here, with the appreciation rate steadily on the rise year-after-year. The average home value is $230,400 while the average listing price is $339,0000—meaning that the potential profit margin for real estate investors is very promising. Considering the fact that 16.6% of the listed properties have price reductions, it’s safe to say that there should be a number of great deals out there for aspiring investors to take advantage of.


Ottawa is an up-and-coming market that investors should take note of and get in on the ground floor before it explodes in order to maximize return on investment. Appreciation continues to increase dramatically in this region of the state, with annual projections suggesting that home prices are set to soar. The suburban setting—which has become the preferred destination from those looking to escape the confines (and higher cost of living) in the city—that also features nationally-ranked school systems makes this a very desirable place for prospective homebuyers well into the future.

Forest Lake

Forest Lake is an outstanding locality that has experienced a robust rebound from the economic instability associated with the pandemic. The average home value is $290,300 and are set to increase by more than 2% by mid-2022 based on compiled market data. This idyllic, small suburban area has tons of curb appeal and is especially attractive to potential tenants as well. With a median monthly rent price of $2,586—far exceeding the national average—investors who opt to acquire assets in Forest Lake could realize a healthy profit margin in passive income with the added bonus of a relatively modest maintenance cost.

Alpha Funding Partners is a nationwide hard money lender that places an important focus on the Illinois market. If you need a hard money loan in Chicago or any of the other cities mentioned above, please reach out. We offer hard money loans across Illinois and would love to partner with you on your next transaction.

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