California Real Estate Investing: A City to Keep on Your “Watch” List

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As California’s population continues to track upwards, its diverse portfolio of real estate markets possesses some of the nation’s most promising return on investment options for individuals in the fix and flip sector. A well-researched and strategic investment in California real estate can net you a quick and healthy profit. If fast, efficient access to funding options is impeding your path to breaking into the California market, you can get your fix-and-flip efforts off the ground right now with flexible financing from Alpha Funding Partners. Here’s a quick look at one of the best up-and-coming real estate markets in the Golden State to help you start planning out where you will focus your efforts.

Stockton: The Hidden Investment Gem in Northern California

With a fast-developing local economy that shows no signs of slowing down, Stockton boasts the 20th moth desirable real estate market in the entire country. With astronomical property appreciation rates and promising new development projects all across town, the blossoming city of Stockton is an exciting location for aspiring fix and flip real estate investors.

With an enviable wealth of attractions—including its expansive inland port and the Asparagus Festival—over 100,000 visitors make their way to Stockton on an annual basis. This means both rental and residential properties don’t stay vacant for long. Additionally, there is a high concentration of high-paying employers in the healthcare and retail trade industries that call Stockton home, and the construction services sector is also burgeoning—mostly to support all the new development. Here’s a quick breakdown of the specific factors that make Stockton a prime destination for fix and flip investors:

  • Economic Resiliency: Market projections indicate that Stockton will see around a 3% job growth over the course of 2021, which means that there is an impending boom of real estate transactions on the horizon. Real estate investors should get their foot in the door now while properties are still available to reap the rewards once the market activity ramps up soon.
  • Low Vacancy: A meager 9.2% of all properties in the entirety of Stockton are vacant, meaning that the occupancy rate in the city is an impressive 91.8%. From an investor’s perspective, this means your property won’t linger on the market for long.
  • Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation: While home prices are on the lower end of both state and national averages, fix and flip investors can earn a consistent and rewarding passive income from rental properties or by reselling improved homes. Appreciation rates are currently at an eyebrow-raising 15% annually, which is double the national average.

Best Stockton Neighborhoods to Invest In

The most desirable local real estate markets in Stockton are the Park, Valley Oak and Bear Creek neighborhoods—the latter of which experienced the most significant gains in terms of transaction rates and average return on investment. The Lothrop area is also a recent up-and-comer and boasts notable property values and promising growth statistics that many experts agree makes it a prime location for sustainable growth and development well into the future.  This is in large part attributable to the fact that Lothrop was selected for the River Islands development, an ambitious project that is expected to bring Stockton 11,000 new homes over the next 25 years.

Don’t miss out on all of the potential revenue you can generate via fix and flip investing simply because you’re having trouble obtaining the money you need to acquire properties right now. Alpha Funding Partners has the experience and attention-to-detail to custom tailor funding solutions to accommodate every investor’s unique needs. We continue to set the highest standards for performance within the fix-and-flip lending marketplace. That’s the reason so many clients entrust us with real estate projects all over California. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in achieving all of your fix and flip investing goals.

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