Best Cities for a Fix-and-Flip Loan

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A number of real estate markets across the nation are indicating renewed investment potential for real estate investors looking to adopt the fix-and-flip approach. These highly-viable markets are on the rise due to a unique combination of market factors that savvy investors should be aware of when searching for their next fix and flip project.

Some of the most influential market dynamics investors should take particular note of include: employment rates, economic growth and new development initiatives. Analyze what aspects of a given geographic location draws people to live there and what they are willing to pay the higher cost of living tied to it. Going off of the profitability of recent fix-and-flip investments, buyer power and anticipated outcomes, the following is a breakdown of some of the best places to utilize a fix-and-flip loan.

Raleigh, North Carolina

All of the local real estate markets surrounding Raleigh, North Carolina are growing at an almost exponential rate—and investors and job-seekers are certainly aware of this trend. Raleigh is an expanding capital city and is an integral component of the famed North Carolina Research Triangle, a region that is renowned for producing significant advancements in technology research. The city has a current population of approximately 1.4 million people, which makes it the second-largest city in the entire state. Although that’s a sizeable number, experts are fully expecting it to increase substantially over the next couple of years as millennials continue to age and start the house hunt to accommodate for increased wages and children in addition to Generation Z starting to purchase their first homes following college. The good news for fix-and-flip investors in particular is the fact that while there is a growing demand for housing, the average listing price for properties have remained affordable when compared to other similarly competitive markets around the United States. The average property for sale only stays on the market for just over 50 days—which means that the chances are that investors will be able to quickly resell their homes for profit without them sitting vacant for long. With its wealth of universities, museums, parks and restaurants, Raleigh has consistently been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the country by multiple news agencies—and now it is also one of the best places to invest in.

Orlando, Florida

Fittingly dubbed the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Orlando Florida has a plethora of investment opportunities that is sure to put a smile on the face of fix-and-flip investors. The Orlando metro area has a huge population of more than 2.5 million people and an unemployment rate well under the national average. The median suburban home is valued at around $230,000, which is very affordable from an investment perspective. The enviable climate, picturesque beaches and world-famous amusement parks make Orlando a highly desirable place to live. Market analysis indicates that the average return on investment (ROI) for investors in Orlando is 81% and future growth is fully expected in this market as military presence in the surrounding localities ups the demand for flexible housing options—which are great signs for fix-and-flip investors looking to capitalize on this opportunity by using a fast and accessible funding solution from Alpha Funding.

El Paso, Texas

For quite some time now, El Paso has been regarded as an affordable city with a booming local economy combined with a diverse, well-educated population—all factors that collectively make it an amazing option for those looking to invest in a fix-and-flip property there. The median home value is a fraction of the national average at $136,499, and experts are predicting it to trend upwards to the tune of 10% in the next year alone, meaning that investors should act now to claim their stake in the El Paso area before prices rise. The relatively high buying power of the local population, overall affordability of real estate in the surrounding communities and the low cost of renovations all combine to make El Paso one of the best markets to invest in.

If you are looking to fix up a property and are not sure where to start, partner with the real estate experts at Alpha Funding Partners. We can help you with your next fix and flip loan across the country. Send us a message today to get pre-approved and get access to funding in as little as three days!

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