2019 Kitchen Trends: Color, Flooring and More!

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The kitchen – we are constantly in it. It has to be functional, fit our lifestyle and reflect our personality. Here are some current design trends to create a kitchen to enjoy cooking, eating and entertaining:

  • Color: Are kitchens remaining clean-white, staying with a neutral gray tone or going bold? While many homeowners like a traditional white kitchen, colorful accents will be added – such as black, cobalt blue, navy, green, orange or red. Accents can be used to set the table, decorate with kitchen towels, potholders or placemats, used in a backsplash or for appliances. For those who still love gray, try adding black (metal or stone) or tones that lean toward gray – such as blue or green, which are colors found in nature.
  • Metals: Go gold, copper, brass or try blackened metals! Metal accents seem to be on the rise, especially in fixtures, lights, hardware and faucets.
  • Glass: Clear glass is being used for the front of kitchen cabinets and refrigerator doors. In fact, glass is being used in furniture throughout the home.
  • Wood: Hardwood floors – whether new or repurposed, as well as laminates are the floors of choice. Additionally, dark wood furniture in the kitchen is re-emerging.
  • Open Space: Some homeowners are going with a relaxed open kitchen (removing a wall to facilitate entertaining), open shelving – no more hiding tableware or cutlery, and/or eliminating upper cabinets for a more spacious look. The theme seems to be – downsize and reduce clutter!

2019 promises to be very exciting for kitchens. Old, worn-looking or repurposed pieces are being integrated with modern materials and textures. Straight and sharp edges are being replaced with ovals and smooth curves, full functioning islands are back and art-like wallpaper (florals) is an option for walls.

Let’s not forget all the latest and greatest innovations to help us stay healthy and save money. There are popcorn poppers, air fryers, herb keepers and grinders, spiralizers, water filtration systems and all-natural cleaning products, as well as creating a coffee station or under-the-counter wine cooler. Equally as exciting is the 3D Printer, which can print mugs, containers, a backsplash and other kitchen gadgets.

Whether we go back to simple or forward with innovation, 2019 offers something for everyone.

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